A Double Appointment at the Leo-Lev Center: Tours in Florence and Lions Club of Forlì

30 November 2019

Saturday 30 November, the Leo-Lev Exhibition Center had the pleasure of hosting two groups visiting Vinci.

In the morning, in fact, a group of tourists from Milan relied on Giulia’s guide to discover the beauty of the Announcing Angel. The tour guide, co-owner of Tours in Florence (www.toursinfirenze.com), led visitors to discover  the cultural and artistic beauties of the city of Leonardo, favoring a stop at Leo-Lev because – as she herself reported – “I’m literally in love with the Angel and if it were  a work by Leonardo or not, I don’t care … it’s simply beautiful”.

In the afternoon, however, the second visit to the former Villa Bellio-Baronti-Pezzatini were  members of the Forlì Lions Club, an association that allows its volunteers to serve the Forlì community with an active interest in civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of their community.

The Club dedicated the day to observe the lands of the Maestro from Vinci, with a fundamental stop in the Leo-Lev centre  to admire the Angel attributed by Carlo Pedretti to Leonardo and to visit the two exhibitions “Angeli e Nodi”  (Angels and knots) and “Skyline, the cities of Leonardo “.

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