From 17 June 2021 | to 22 June 2021

The children are attracted to beauty, whether it is found in a flower, a landscape, a sculpture, a photograph or a painting. Our task is to cultivate this bond and ensure that it is maintained over time.

The workshop dedicated to the youngest children and the guided tour designed for them helped them to become familiar with the artistic dimension of the great master, Leonardo da Vinci, but also with their own, stimulating their creativity and expressive propensities.

The children also became familiar with the museum spaces, learning how to move around the rooms, respect the culture and the works on display, while fully enjoying the artistic experience without feeling restricted.

They have learned that their curiosity can be a stimulus to learn more and more and find in museums real treasures of knowledge, fun and interesting.

Art, as we know, is not only visual, but experiential, and involves all the senses: through their “attacks or enthusiasms” towards art, the little ones were able to immerse themselves in the world of colours, shapes, materials, scents and sounds of which the different artistic disciplines are composed and saturated.

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