Celebration of the "Day of National Unity, Constitution, Hymn, and Flag"

4 March 2020

Pisa 14-17 March 2020. Celebration of the “Day of  National Unity, Constitution, Hymn, and Flag”

Saturday 14th  Arrivals and hotel accommodation. Free evening.

Sunday 15th

9.00 am General Assembly of  Members at the Auditorium of the Museo della Opera della Primaziale Pisana, in Piazza del Duomo. (Pending confirmation)

11.00 (or 12.15 ), Participation in the celebration of Holy Mass in the Cathedral.

13.00 Visit to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Pisa H.E. Mons. Giovanni Paolo Benotto.

13.30 Lunch buffet, organized at the Pisa Opera Museum

15.00 Visit to the Monuments of the “miracles” in Piazza del Duomo

18.30 Concert by the honorary member Marco Voleri at the Enrico Caruso Auditorium of the Giacomo Puccini Grand Theater in Torre del Lago.

20.30 Dinner organized by the regional delegate ANCRI (Awarded to the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic) of Toscana, president of the CRI (Italian Red Cross) of Pisa Antonio Cerrai at the CRI  seaside operations Center in Marina di Pisa.

Monday 16th Event

9.00 am Transfer by bus to the new Leo-Lev Exhibition Center in Vinci (province of Florence) which is hosting two exhibitions to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci: the polychrome terracotta sculpture of the announcing Archangel of San Gennaro in Lucca area (attributed to the School of Verrocchio and, by Carlo Pedretti,  to the  young Leonardo da Vinci) restored before the exhibition by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence and the side exhibition  Skylines- The Cities of  Leonardo. The president of the Leo Lev Center  Commendatore (honorary Italian title) architect, artist and writer Oreste Ruggiero, member of ANCRI, will be welcoming the  ANCRI group.

12.30 Transfer by bus to the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera to take a trip into the myth of the Vespa.

14.00 Transfer to Lucca for Buffet Lunch in the monumental complex of the former monastery of San Francesco, seat of the Scuola IMT Alti Studi university institution.

17.00 Opening ceremony of the World Brain Week 2020 organized by the commendatore  Pietro Pietrini, also member of ANCRI, Director of the Scuola  IMT Alti Studi of Lucca on the topic of artificial intelligence.

Tuesday 17th March

8.30 Flag-raising ceremony with Picchetto Interforze ( a picket of different military forces)  of the Military Presidium of Pisa; there will be also the standards of the territorial sections of the ANCRI lined up on the Ponte di Mezzo. It follows the deposition of a laurel wreath on the monument to Garibaldi placed in the homonymous square.

9.00 Auditorium of the Research Area of ​​the National Research Council (CNR) of Pisa with school students, ANCRI guests and delegates (we await the availability of the schools)

9.08 The Prefect Francesco Tagliente introduces and moderates as delegate for the institutional relations of ANCRI.

9.09 Welcome greeting and speech by Ottavio Zirilli Technical Manager of the Institute of Clinical Physiology and director of the Research Area of ​​the C.N.R of Pisa and national ANCRI delegate for research and innovation.

9.15 Greetings, from the Mayor Michele Conti, from the ANCRI territorial section of Pisa, President ANCRI Tommaso Bove,  and from the  Prefect of  Pisa Giuseppe Castaldo.

9.30 am Intervention by Matteo Ghezzi, representing the  students of the 2nd year of Law on “Environmental protection and sustainable development in the Constitutional Charter: projections and suggestions in the prospects of the younger generations”

9.50 The Prefect Tagliente introduces a video clip commissioned by the ANCRI that illustrates the protocol aspects of the display of the flags also intended for the world of school and communication and the volume “Vestire gli onori” (Dressing Honors) a practical manual of easy consultation on the rules and honorary customs

10.10 The President of ANCRI Tommaso Bove, the Prefect Giuseppe Castaldo and the Chief of  Police of Pisa Paolo Rossiodi Trieste Giuseppe Petronzi, will give the ANCRI award to the family members of the two police officers Pierluigi Rotta and Matteo Demenego, killed on 4 October in Trieste, virtuous citizens at memory (we are awaiting confirmation)

10.30 Ferdinando de Blasio di Palizzi introduces the show “Di sana e robusta Constituzione” ( Of good health Constitution) , by Prof. Michele D’Andrea honorary member of ANCI and Ferdinando de Blasio di Palizzi. The show was designed to bring students closer to the constitutional values ​​of freedom , industriousness and social solidarity which represent the basis of civil coexistence in our country.

12.00 Conclusion with the National Hymn by the tenor Marco Voleri, honorary member of ANCRI

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