18 March 2021

The Archangel Gabriel and the Madonna del Parto in San Gennaro

Leonardo and Piero della Francesca in comparison

In this cycle of openings and closures of art venues to the public, the website and social channels become essential for letting you know about the activities, research and exhibitions of the Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre in Vinci.

On this renewed virtual occasion, the President of the Artistic Activities, Oreste Ruggiero, proposes a new meeting entitled IF IT WERE AN INDEX THAT IS LEONARDO … 

The publication that accompanied the exhibitions of the Announcing Angel of San Gennaro (at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence and the Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre in Vinci) entitled If it were an Angel of Leonardo … and this publication If it were an index that is Leonardo … are preceded by “IF” and open to various possible reflections “…”. 

And the doubts will remain even after these studies on the attribution and origin of the terracotta sculpture. But if a work of art is the subject of so much talk and so many reflections, one thing is certain: it is a work of art!

The study proposed in this video conference, therefore, continues with this work, which deals with the theme of the missing phalanges of the Angel’s right hand and the hypothesis of what they originally looked like, as well as the valorisation of the Announcing Angel together with the Madonna of Childbirth, certainly earlier in execution, but which constituted and should continue to be appreciated as a sculptural group of the Annunciation.

The work begun by Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, then by Carlo Pedretti, then by the three editors of the publication (Ilaria Boncompagni, Oreste Ruggiero, Laura Speranza) with the exhibition of the restoration of the Arcangelo Annunciante di San Gennaro, and recently by Ilaria Boncompagni with A colpo d’Occhio è Leonardo! continues and leaves the field open to new hypotheses and in-depth studies that the Leo-Lev Centre hopes to host.

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