From 5 October 2019 | to 31 October 2020

Works by Oreste Ruggiero

The famous Leonardo knots, six are known but it is believed there is a seventh one,  are a sort of symbol of the Da Vinci Academy in Milan. Many are inclined to interpret these knots not only as a graphic artifice, which then had a great use for ornaments in the Milanese fashion of the time, but as a sort of mandala, therefore full of great symbolism.

It is doubtful whether Leonardo da Vinci, in an alleged encounter in Venice at the beginning of the 1500s, was able to illustrate them to Dürer or whether he took them, simply by removing the title “Academia Leonardi Vici”.

Oreste Ruggiero has artistically re-interpreted the Da Vinci knots and has created a grid for bringing portraits and effigies into osmosis. It is an exclusive of his art that “veils” the faces depicted in a sort of interweaving that evokes the vegetal ramification and at the same time the immaterial dimension of an  infinite space. Thus those knots also come into symbiosis with the feelings, or movements of the soul as Leonardo called them, of the portrayed character.

By means of this art, which intends to be a tribute to Leonardo, Ruggiero also paid tribute to the splendid face of the Angel of San Gennaro before its restoration; however, when events and time had not affected its beauty. The collateral exhibition at If it was a Leonardo’s  Angel ……., the restoration of the Announcing Angel of San Gennaro in Lucca area,  Skylines, the cities of Leonardo, is entitled ANGELS and KNOTS.

A collection entitled Knots and  Materials with some Leonardo mentions, will be installed in the new suites of the Grand Hotel Vittoria in Montecatini Terme and shown in preview in the adjacent Congress Center.

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