The Universes of Leonardo da Vinci

1 April 2023

The new exhibition at the Leo Lev Exhibition Centre.

From 2 April 2023, the exhibition The Universes of Leonardo da Vinci opens in Vinci at the Leo Lev Exhibition Centre. The exhibition tells the story of Leonardo da Vinci’s academy. We are to be guided through Leonardo’s atelier in Milan and France according to the indications and various attributions of international scholars such as Carlo Pedretti. For the first time, faithful reproductions of paintings that are part of private collections are exposed, which are fundamental for reconstructing Leonardo’s work and pictorial invention through the entire preparatory apparatus of drawings.

The boundaries and lines of the master’s and the pupil’s hand often blur in a sublime and fascinating way. With epiphanies of details together with stretches of the Maestro’s great masterpieces, the exhibition leaves it up to the visitor’s curiosity and attention to play with or explore the subjects, historical, artistic and symbolic elements of the Maestro’s signature and presence.

The exhibition represents the first event with which the intention is to bring to the attention of the general public the importance of Leonardo’s workshop where new painting techniques were experimented and applied, which are still today the most important legacy of the Da Vinci genius.

In addition to the main exhibition, the rooms of the Leo lev Centre present an exhibition dedicated to historical Renaissance clothes, which allow for a quick comparison with the clothes worn by Leonardo’s characters. The exhibition ‘History never goes out of fashion’ is curated by the historical dressmaker Fabiana Frosini with the accompanying images and works from which the historical dresses were taken.

The accompanying music for the exhibition The Universes of Leonardo da Vinci was written by artist Mario Costanzi and recorded at the Mulino del Ronzone music production studio in Vinci.

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