From 3 May 2021 | to 31 August 2021

Room IX

In the entrance hall of Leo-Lev Center that overlooks a magnificent window, there is a lectern that reports the RL12685 Map kept at Royal Library Windsor Castle: one of Leonardo’s finest cartographic works, made around 1503, period in which Leonardo planned the diversion of the Arno River into the Florence Canal across Prato, Pistoia and Serravalle. 

The Visitor, leaning out of the window and looking at the map and the panorama just in front, can see many places of Valdinievole portrayed in RL12 685 map.

The artist-scientist had direct knowledge of this Tuscany’s area since childhood. The Landscape drawing of August 5th 1473 signed by Leonardo, infact, depicts a marshy view that stretches to the horizon of  the Valdinievole and the Fucecchio marshland.

Room XII

The special video projected by Leo-Lev Exhibition Center illustrates the journey to return of Announcing Angel from Vinci across the Valdinievole to the romanic Parish Church of San Gennaro in Lucchesia.

The video begins in the City of Vinci where the Leo-Lev Exhibition Center is identified in the profile. From the Leo-Lev Center, we travel across the wonderful view of the Valdinievole, landscape drawn by Leonardo in a map RL12685, for his studies on deviation of the Arno. 

Among the various Tuscan town, the geographical map also show the San Gennaro and Collodi localities.

We will come to the view of Parish Church of San Gennaro to the enter the Romanesque church and see all its splendid details: the naves, the capitals, the pulpit and the bows.

Inside, the protagonist is the Archangel Gabriel, a sculpture in terracotta attributed by Carlo Pedretti as an early work by Leonardo da Vinci.

An animation illustrates to the viewer where the Angel was placed on the aisle, together with Madonna of Childbirth, recreating the sculptural group of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary (now on display at Leo-Lev Center in the exhibition An Unusual Annunciation).

The special movies also features a rendering the puts forward a proposal for the future location of the Archangel Gabriel and Madonna of Childbirth. The idea is to place them in two large room, between the Church and the bell tower where – albeit independently celebrated – they’ll be able to dialogue again in the artistic and religious message. 

Finally, the video ends at the Leo-Lev Exhibition Center where we can observe the presence of faithful replica of the Angel, made by Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence.

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