From 16 March 2020 | to 31 October 2020

Edited by Francesco Tagliente and Oreste Ruggiero.

Catalogue presentation Piera Orvietani, president of Gli Amici dei Musei e Monumenti Pisani

The Coronavirus does not stop culture and art. The LEO-LEV Exhibition Centre in Vinci, the National Association of Awarded Merit of the Italian Republic, the Friends of Museums and Monuments of Pisa e O.R.A.D. Edizioni and O.R.A.D. Edizioni pay respect, even if only in a virtual way, to Leonardo da Vinci, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of his death.

On the morning of 16 March, a large group of ANCRI members, led by President Tommaso Bove, and the Friends of Museums and Monuments of Pisa, led by President Piera Orvietani, met in Vinci at the Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre to visit the exhibition set up by architect Oreste Ruggiero, President of the Artistic Activities of the LEO-LEV Centre, Se fosse un Angelo di Leonardo…

The Leo-Lev Centre is a multifunctional exhibition space in the heart of the town of Vinci, which houses the polychrome terracotta sculpture of the Archangel Announcing San Gennaro in Lucchesia, attributed to the School of Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci, restored by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, and the Skyline – Le Città di Leonardo, created by Oreste Ruggiero and dedicated to the places that accompanied the life of the genius from Vinci.

Architect and artist Oreste Ruggiero, sharing with Prefect Francesco Tagliente the sentiments and the need to enhance the historic buildings housing the Questura and Prefecture, created the work Firenze Skyline on the wall of the Questura conference room in the historic Palazzo Bonifazio; Roma Skyline in the conference room on the first floor of Palazzo San Vitale, seat of the Questura in Rome and, with the involvement of the Amici dei Musei e Monumenti Pisani, created Pisa Skyline, in Palazzo Medici, seat of the Prefecture of Pisa.

Three works of extraordinary artistic and architectural beauty, so much so that a sketch of the Roma Skyline was donated to Pope Benedict XVI, during a special Audience reserved for the Questura di Roma.

To celebrate the event, Oreste Ruggiero and Prefect Tagliente have prepared a catalogue-guide to the exhibition entitled Skyline & Coincidences (with Leonardo’s cities).

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