|   25/06/2021

A Dialogue between Renaissance Painting, Contemporary Art and Sacred Vestments

Curated by Oreste Ruggiero and Armando Fusco / An exhibition produced by Armando Fusco Productions.

On Thursday 24 June at 18:00, at the Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre, the exhibition entitled Re-naissance/Renaissance. A dialogue between Renaissance painting, Contemporary Art and Sacred Vestments was presented to the public. To welcome the many guests at the vernissage, the President of the Leo-Lev Artistic Activities Oreste Ruggiero and Armando Fusco, curators of the exhibition.

The Re-naissance project was promoted by the Assessorato alla Cultura della Città di Forte dei Marmi (LU) and by the Fondazione Villa Bertelli, produced by Armando Fusco for BE ONE ENJOY s.r.l, in collaboration with the DurerArts Gallery of Florence (FI), the A.L.E.R.AMO – Museo Civico di Moncalvo (AT), the Pontificie Fonderie Marinelli of Agnone (IS) and the Atelier LAVS of Filippo Sorcinelli.

Re-naissance/Renaissance is a unique journey through 16th century paintings, contemporary art and church vestments.

From Fortino Leopoldo I in Forte dei Marmi to the Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre in Vinci, to celebrate two great moments in the history of Christianity: Easter and Christmas. Easter follows and demands Christmas in order to be complete, symbolically bringing together the key elements of birth and rebirth, in a mnemonic journey that helps visitors remember the meaning of their actions.

A sense that is well underlined allegorically by the works in dialogue with each other. The exhibition is marked by a real novelty: the sacred vestments made by Filippo Sorcinelli, “the Tailor of the Popes”, for H.H. Pope Benedict XVI.

The “rhythm” of this precious exhibition is set by the bells of the historic Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli, one of which was made for the 2019 celebrations with a representation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

In the exhibition you are “guided” by an angel, or rather by angels, first and foremost the Archangel Announcing St. Gennaro, attributed by Carlo Pedretti to the young Leonardo da Vinci, who, with his faithful replica made by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, is in dialogue with the works Angeli & Nodi by Oreste Ruggiero and those of the 16th century by Jacopo Bassano, Vittore Carpaccio, Denijs Calvaert, Dosso Dossi, Giovanni de Vecchi, Carlo Portelli and Domenico Puligo. Completing this unique and evocative exhibition are contemporary artists: M. Franca Bartesaghi, Gianni Colonna, Marcello Di Pierro, Antonio Vito Faraone, Ettore Marinelli, Paola Patriarca, Domenico Sorrentino.

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