Rassegna stampa   |   19/11/2020

“…And just the day before yesterday, the exhibition “Leonardo’s Cities and Knots” was opened in Vinci – a four-handed tribute created by the famous photographer from Pistoia and the renowned artist and architect Oreste Ruggiero, the current president of artistic activities at the Leo-Lev Cultural and Exhibition Centre in the birthplace of the Renaissance genius.

The exhibition, curated by Veronica Ferretti, is the result of a dialogue between two contemporary artists about Leonardo, and will be reopened following the lifting of restrictive regulations. On this occasion, visitors will be able to see the places where Leonardo lived, from Vinci to Florence, Milan and Amboise in France, as they were when he lived and worked there, thanks to extraordinary photographs by Maestro Amendola. Oreste Ruggiero’s art offers, on the other hand, a reading of Leonardo’s “knots”, the intertwining of the finite and the infinite, already reproduced in the square in Vinci, in front of the Pedretti Foundation, which also houses a reproduction of the fountain taken from Leonardo’s unpublished drawing. “

The Leo-Lev Centre will present the exhibition as soon as it is able to reopen. When the second lockdown was introduced, the exhibition “Cities and Knots of Leonardo” Aurelio Amendola and Oreste Ruggiero was almost ready, so the opening will take place as soon as possible, together with other related events on the themes of the Accademia Leonardo in memory of Professor Carlo Pedretti.

Article by Lucia Agati, published in La Nazione, 17 November 2020

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