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“Once upon a time… there once was a king! – young readers will immediately say – “No, children, you’ve got it all wrong. Once upon a time there were four gold coins…”. To paraphrase the title of The Adventures of Pinocchio, we present Elisa Parlanti and Arianna Innocenti, owners of the Quattro Zecchini bookshop (Pieve a Nievole), who are visiting the Leo-Lev exhibition centre today.

Le Giodò, as they call themselves (the young women), after years of educational and cultural activities, decided to open a bookshop, the first one in Valdinievole entirely dedicated to children and young people under 14 years old. A shop selling quality toys, educational games, books and illustrated publications.
In addition, Quattro Zecchini – named after Collodi – also runs educational workshops for schools of all levels and master classes in reading and art for young children.

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The Leo-Lev Centre was very pleased to host two young women who were so determined to fulfil their dream of opening a bookshop, which is now a reference point for the neighbourhood and schools, but even more a meeting place for fun and learning.

Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre is also doing its best to listen to and accommodate children’s requests. It focuses on the importance of ensuring that art and culture are passed on to young people and their families. It wants to offer didactic activities, courses and educational projects for new generations as well as providing its well-equipped facilities and specialised staff.

From a meeting between the Leo-Lion Centre and Quattro Zecchini a beautiful story can be born, one of those fairy tales with a happy ending. And so all that remains to be said is… who knows, see you soon!

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