Communications   |   15/04/2020

568 years ago an absolute master who changed the history of art, science and culture forever was born in the small town of Anchiano, near Vinci: Leonardo da Vinci. 

As recorded in the paper register of the time, now kept at the State Archives in Florence, on 15 April 1452, what would later become the great genius was registered. The annotation transcribed in the original identifies precisely that it was Piero’s grandfather Antonio (Lionardo’s father) who indicated on the last sheet of the notarial protocol of his son Notary Piero di Vinci, the birth and baptismal certificate of his grandson Lionardo.

A nephew of mine, son of ser Piero my son, was born on the 15th of April, Saturday at 3 o’clock at night. His name was Lionardo. He was baptized by priest Piero di Bartolomeo da Vinci, in the presence of Papino di Nanni, Meo di Tonino, Pier di Malvolto, Nanni di Venzo, Arigo di Giovanni Tedesco, monna Lisa di Domenico di Brettone, monna Antonia di Giuliano, monna Niccolosa del Barna, monna Maria, daughter of Nanni di Venzo, monna Pippa di Previcone.

The Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre is pleased to wish a happy birthday to this extraordinary character with the Archangel Gabriel of San Gennaro, a terracotta sculpture attributed by Prof. Carlo Pedretti as an early work by Leonardo da Vinci.

The work, recently restored by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure thanks to Leo-Lev funding, is a rich artistic and cultural heritage that bears witness to Leonardo’s little-known work as a sculptor.

Due to the health emergency, today’s celebrations for Vinci’s most illustrious citizen are unfortunately only ‘virtual’. We hope that the suspended museums and exhibitions will be opened in the near future. We hope to soon be able to welcome visitors to the Leo-Lev Centre for the exhibition Se Fosse un Angelo di Leonardo … to admire the Announcing Angel, the largest of the sculptures attributed to the Renaissance master.

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