22 January 2022

His acceptance of this appointment, which demonstrates his friendship and affection for Professor Carlo Pedretti and for the territory of ‘his’ Leonardo, should be greeted by the territory and institutions with great joy and gratitude.

This event, which further consolidates the relationship between two worlds of art and culture, one the Leo-Lev Centre, new and small but in the Vinci of Leonardo, the other the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, known throughout the world also through the figure of its Director, and above all the cultural and artistic link between Italy and Russia, can be enriched under the banner of this prestigious nomination.

I am proud, as President of the artistic activities of the Leo-Lev Centre, that this structure, which I experienced in its development together with my friend Carlo Pedretti, contains a space dedicated to the activities of the Pedretti Foundation, as provided for in the Statute that established it in 2015, according to the aspirations of Carlo Pedretti himself.

The purpose of the Foundation is: “To preserve, study and promote the work of Professor Carlo Pedretti as well as to inventory, archive, catalogue, preserve, study and promote the historical, cultural and artistic heritage belonging to Carlo Pedretti and Rossana Bisognin Pedretti that will be conferred on the Foundation”.

I can say that the Leo-Lev Centre has already taken steps in this direction, even though it is an autonomous body, with the creation of the Piazza dedicated to Carlo Pedretti, the fountain draped in Leonardo’s design revisited together with Pedretti, the restoration of the Angel Announcing St. Gennaro which he attributed to the young Leonardo, various tributes and publications… But I believe that the real impetus in this mission will come from the appointment of Professor Piotrovsky as Honorary President of the Foundation. 

Therefore, I am addressing you, President, directly, to renew my congratulations on your appointment, which is also a moment of joy for the Territory, as well as to thank you for your acceptance with the hope, but from your always generous words towards me and the Leo-Lev Centre I could consider it a certainty, that this opportunity will also be such for the development of culture, of the love for art that humanity needs, as well as of the relationship between peoples. In our case, not by inventing anything new, but by continuing and developing the tradition, rich in history and humanity, between Italy and Russia.

Of course, and here I am being pragmatic, Leonardo’s Territory, which then also became Carlo Pedretti’s “which was really close to his heart”, as he wrote to me in a letter in March 2017, will also have to play its part.

As a wish or a sort of homage, as if it were a homage on the part of Carlo Pedretti, with whom I discussed the choice and the drafting, and who held you in particular and friendly esteem, I now present the logos of the Leo-Lev Centre and the Pedretti Foundation, which I hope will often work together, opening up to many other worthy realities.

With my sincere greetings and best wishes

                                                                                                                                      Oreste Ruggiero

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