|   19/06/2021

The day at the Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre began with a visit by a group of Italian-Russian children – aged between 6 and 11 – on a trip to Vinci to get to know its most illustrious citizen, Leonardo. It was a magical and exciting moment, in which the Centre was filled with the children’s enthusiasm, whose eyes and questions gave us joy and energy throughout the exhibition.

For them, entering the Leo-Lev Centre was a fantastic journey … where we adults see art and history, they saw details and fantastic stories! 

The discovery of the master from Vinci began with Leonardo the sculptor with the work of the Archangel Gabriel in San Gennaro in Lucca, the largest sculpture in the world attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.

The educational programme for children continued in the room dedicated to Leonardo and his plans for diverting the River Arno. The drawings of maps and machines delighted our young visitors, as did the room devoted to Leonardo and the Territory 1473 where – through the imagination and creativity of the little ones – we “played” at guessing figures hidden in the landscape drawn by the young Leonardo, creating a fascinating and engaging story.

The children also proved to be surprising visitors with contemporary art, where the past and the present came together through their imagination.

From the Novella Arianna, which introduced the children to the Greek myth of the princess of Crete and its depictions in the history of art, including the Drawing of Ariadne in the courtyard of Leonardo da Vinci’s Belvedere Statues at the Accademia di Leonardo in Milan, to the discovery of Leonardo’s Cities & Knots exhibition by Aurelio Amendola and Oreste Ruggiero: The original shots by the photographer from Pistoia narrated the fundamental cities in Leonardo’s life, while the Leonardo knots in Ruggiero’s works aroused curiosity and introduced the children to the graphic and aesthetic talent of the artist-scientist, always shrouded in a veil of mystery.

An experience lived with the enthusiasm of a game, in which the children discovered meanings that escape the eye of adults.

Discovering the dimension of culture is an act of love that trains the new generations to be more beautiful, more aware citizens. The Leo-Lev Exhibition Centre would like to thank the children, their educators and parents!

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