3 January 2020

With pleasure, on 3 January 2020, the Leo Lev Exhibition Center hosted two “special guests”: the antique dealer Marco Datrino of Torre Canavese (Turin), owner of one of the most important art galleries in Italy, and his daughter Elena, a renowned  international photographer.

Their enthusiasm for the location of the new  Exhibition Center in Vinci  and for the exhibition “If it was an Angel by Leonardo…” was great. Our pride  for having welcomed  two members of  such an important  family to the art system, is immense.

In fact, the long history of this family of art merchants dates back to May 1947, when fate decided that Carlo Datrino – a metal dealer from Trino – would become an antique dealer.

Following the path  traced by his father, his son Marco has continued successfully and has reached  incredible heights.

Thanks  only to his  constancy and without the slightest support, he succeeded in:

becoming one of the  creators of the Foundation for the Russian Cultural Heritage;

bringing  to a tiny Canavese village the fabulous treasures of the Museums of  Kremlin, which , since then, have never left the Russian territory, although they have always been coveted by the most important museums of the five continents;

organizing  an exhibition unanimously deemed as the most important in the world;

bringing to Torre Canavese (600 inhabitants) hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

A passion and a love for Art clearly visible in their eyes while admiring the Archangel Gabriel attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and which can be clearly understand when reading the book “An Antiquarian in the Kremlin. Stories of a Family of Art Dealers ” by Marco Datrino.

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