Tribute to Prof. Carlo Pedretti

5 October 2019

The Leo-Lev Exhibition Center pays homage to prof. Carlo Pedretti, a distinguished scholar and historian of Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to the Piazza dedicated to the greatest expert of the Maestro from Vinci (inaugurated on October 5, 2019), the Leo-Lev Center reserved a space in the Villa Bellio-Baronti-Pezzatini for the art historian who died in 2018: the “fireplace room” that Pedretti loved so much.

A splendid space characterized by a large Renaissance-style fireplace, lit to highlight the literary works of the Bolognese professor and – especially – his study of the panniculata fountain (present in the piazza), designed together with the architect Oreste Ruggiero, starting from a drawing by Leonardo . Architectural sketches and an image of Pedretti and Ruggiero, who are together at the desk, testify to this partnership and the  realization of the project.

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