From 27 April 2021 | to 31 August 2021

Room III

To accommodate the visitors at the entrance of Leo-Lev Exhibition Center, there is a new glossy steel and lights installation, entitled Totem & Knots, the endless into Leonardo da Vinci’s Academy.

The sculpture-totem presents itself in its elegance and sophistication of art-design item, becoming also the symbol of a great union: the light, the mirror steel and vinciani knots. The latter, emblem of Achademia Leonardi Vinci at Milan, are six engravings on metal in which the theme varies depending of a line that in the circle’s space envelops itself in a sequence of knots without solution of continuity.

A tribute by Oreste Ruggiero to prints of Renaissance Master, graphics that depict an ornamental and arabesque pattern consisting of continuous lines that forms an abstract complex interweaving of round shapes that can be developed endlessly. Totem & Knots work is a sort of “infinite tree” that from below, in its developments not straight of unpredictability and mutation, it can rise upward.

The vinciani knots, also, have been observed as an Saint Andrew’s cross knotted in replicas of  the infinity symbol; more specifically, the “infinity knot” has the shape of never ending node in the intertwining of two infinity symbols, into a sign of secret meaning.  

These Leonardo da Vinci’s decoration, made up of intertwining geometrically organized, were replicated also by Albrecht Dürer in a set of six works, called indeed Knots (but also Labyrinths or Dédales). Six woodblock prints (1506-1507 about) are a decorative interweaving pattern, embroideries in two disks with black background and the lines in white.

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